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Members Only Hands-On Test for Advanced Lineworker School

Paul Joseph Klutz MD Library and Education Center, Maiden, NC  
Thursday, June 08, 2023 8:00 AM - 8:00 AM   Add to Calendar Eastern Standard Time

Registration deadline May 22, 2023


ElectriCities Apprenticeship Program hands-on test is used to evaluate proficiency for this school. There is one jobsite scenarios for Advanced Lineworker School hands-on test: Proper Cover Up of Energized Parts

Jobsite Scenario - Proper Cover Up of Energized Parts

  • A 3-phase line with 90° single-phase tap on same side as bucket with stinger feeding tap on three-phase closest to bucket.
  • Single-phase transformer installed with a T-bracket (switch and arrester mounted above transformer).
  • Student will replace arrestor is mounted on opposite side of the pole from where the bucket is set up.
  • Student will complete required steps to properly cover all energized parts and difference ofpotentials within the MAD for the task of replacing a bad arrestor.
  • Student will identify the applied voltage and safely replace the bad arrestor with the correctequipment.
  • Student will properly and safely remove all cover ups after new equipment has been installed.
  • Student shall complete the required steps in compliance with the rules listed in the current APPA Safety manual, OSHA standards, and industry standards.
  • A score of 80 must be obtained for a passing grade.
    • Student will start his or her test with a score of 100.
    • Infraction points received during testing will be deducted from 100
      • Minor Infraction = 7 points
      • Major Infraction = 11 points
      • Critical Infraction = 21 points


1. Student must understand the following before proceeding with testing:

  • Test Expectations
  • Skill Expectations
  • Scoring
  • Passing Score
  • APPA Safety Manual, OSHA Standard, NESC and Industry Standards (to complete this test)

2. Any questions?

3. During Testing...

  • A Proctor will observe student’s performance for each of the Skill Expectations and circle each accrued deduction point.
    (Note: Proctor will document any other Infractions under the section labeled Other and explain the observed infraction(s) on page 4)
  • Total Deduction Points: Proctor will add the Deduction Points column and write the amount in the space labeled Total Accrued Deductions Points.
  • Final Test Points: Proctor will subtract the Total Deductions Points from the Beginning Points (100) and write that amount in the space labeled Final Test Points and circle Pass or Retake based on Final Test Points (a score of 80+ = Pass and a score below 80 = Retake)

4. Provide Feedback

  • Proctor will share results with student at the completion of the test, including any additional Development Recommendations.

5. Result Document Signatures: Proctor and Student must Print, Sign, and Date page 4.

  • Student will receive a copy of the final document via email.

6. Return for Files: The original document will be filed with the ElectriCities Learning & Development Specialist.

7. Failed Student: Proctor will contact the student’s Supervisor, if they fail the test, and discussDevelopment Recommendations.

Only the student being tested, and the proctor (ElectriCities Safety & Training staff member) is allowed in the test area. Only ElectriCities’ Safety & Training staff can proctor end of level hands-on testing and graduation exams.

STUDENT REQUIREMENTSStudents are required to bring the following:

  • Required PPE (hard hat, work gloves, rubber gloves and protectors, ANSI Z87 safety glasses, work boots)
  • Side Cutter Pliers
  • Channel Lock Pliers
  • Lineman’s Hammer
  • Large Flathead Screwdriver
  • 12” Adjustable wrench
  • Ratchet wrenches ½”, 9/16”, 5/8”, ¾”
  • Hex Key set 3/16-3/8
  • Folding Fiberglass Ruler
  • Skinning knife
  • Lineman’s ratcheting wrench
  • Penta Star wrench 
  • Climbing Gear
  • Rain Gear
  • Fall Protection System (BuckSqueeze)
  • Bucket Harness and Lanyard
  • FDR long-sleeve shirt(s)
  • Latest Edition of the APPA Safety Manual

Students are encouraged to bring a clean pair of shoes to wear inside the classroom. Students who are physically restricted to participate will be dismissed. Those with damaged or defective equipment will be dismissed.


  • Thursday: 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.


  • Members: $300
  • Associate Members: $500
  • Not available to Non-Members

PREREQUISITES: Students must either be registered for the particular school or have previously taken the school.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If a course is cancelled by ElectriCities, all registrants will be notified with a full registration fee refund. Participant Cancellation and No Shows: A non-refundable registration fee will be charged for cancellations after the deadline of May 22, 2023.

Paul Joseph Klutz MD Library and Education Center  

113 West Main Street
Maiden, NC 28650

Total Spots: 25